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03Shadow Grey 06-25-2018 10:05 PM

New clutch and flywheel
I am finally installing my Exedy clutch kit but have decided to purchase a new flywheel instead of getting the oem resurfaced. The problem is Exedy only offers a light weight flywheel but i want to keep it as close to stock for drivability.I was looking at the Mcloed lightened billet steel but there has been mention that brand swapping can cause trouble.I could use some advise here guys. Thanks

mikeracing 06-26-2018 08:09 AM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Mixing flywheels shouldnt be a issue unless its a 2 disk

03Shadow Grey 06-26-2018 06:52 PM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Thanks Mike ! I know it was probably a silly question but i am doing this myself and from what I have read , i don't want to do it twice. lol 2 top bolts !

mikeracing 06-26-2018 07:23 PM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Long extention swivel socket jack under harmonic. Remove pcv valve. Tilt engine as far as possible remove top 2 bolts. Then put your tranny jack under the tranny and finish unbolting.

In my opinion having a lighter weight flywheel on a dd isnt that huge of a change after a week you will get used to it

03Shadow Grey 06-28-2018 11:11 PM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Jack the engine up off the harmonic balance ?? Did I read that right .

mikeracing 06-29-2018 12:38 PM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
So your just putting pressure to tilt the engine. Don't plan to get the engine off. Hahaha all the jack off jokes..... but yes you want the engine and trans to rotate about the engine mounts and you will just need a swivel socket universal or wobble extension.

03Shadow Grey 07-05-2018 11:06 PM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Thanks for the info Mike! Worked like a charm,transmission is out and the flywheel surfaced, also it was stamped Modular Cobra.Loan a tool would not remove the pilot bearing though, going to try the snatch block type from O suckies crossing fingers!

USMCWeatherMan 07-06-2018 11:31 AM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
I put the Exedy LW FW in mine when I did my clutch R&R....havent noticed any major drive-ability differences between what was in there before....which I know for a fact was not OEM. But maybe that is why :/

mikeracing 07-06-2018 11:42 AM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Hold it on the pilot bearing.. pack it with grease then use a dowel drift etc. That is the same diameter as the pilot id. I have also used a socket turned backwards on a extension. And and hit it with a hammer takes a little bit of time to pack and then give it a couple hits then pack and hit. But least chance of damage IMO

USMCWeatherMan 07-07-2018 10:25 AM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Bread works also:


03Shadow Grey 07-11-2018 09:10 PM

Re: New clutch and flywheel
Thanks guys for the idea's. The one from oreilys had sharper edges to actually grab the bearing and used a snatch block, it made it so much easier. The two bolts up top were not the devil bolts so many people have mentioned on the facebook groups and the tranny went back in like butter!
while I was there i went ahead and changed the U joints and took the starter apart ,cleaned greased and put back together. I was surprised at how well the oem stuff looked at 95k, glad I went back with it and replaced it all.
I also sprayed everything down with this stuff we use at work.
https://www.nyalic.com. check it out. Oh and thanks for the tip on jacking it up at the front , made it sooo mush easier to stab that thing !!!!

AlloyPony 07-12-2018 03:08 PM

Re: New clutch and flywheel

Originally Posted by USMCWeatherMan (Post 1631874)

My buddy has my old '08 with 3650 trans and bread does NOT work on those. He fought with this for a long time last month. We ribbed him over it and gave him a hard time. We call his car Butternut now. :butt:

But yeah, I heard that some guys have luck with the bread trick depending on car.

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