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08-22-2004, 01:41 PM
I came home from the track last night and looked through the FFW page to answer some of the questions from our discussion last night and found a couple of things out:

FYI Here is the link to FFW.


1. The cost to race in M/M is $110 the first time. The entry fee is $75 however, I forgot that for all classes except for True Street (T/S) you have to pay an additional $35 in dues to FFW and to be assigned a driver number (M/M XXX) to race in the class. This would be the same for Street Stang also. Your membership gets you newsletters and other stuff and is issued annually. You pay $110 the first race and then just $75 after that.

2. The class is run on a Pro tree. Next time I go out to Speedworld I am going to talk to them about how I can get some practice in using the pro tree instead of the other one-I think it is called the sportsman tree. I think it means they have to load and run a different computer program so I am sure they would not want to switch back and fourth but maybe if we get enough guys together that want to do it we can work something out.

3. Interesting fact. If you read the wrap up on the page for the 13th annual O'reilly Thunder Valley FFW, the guy that I mentioned taking second with a 14.2 run took out Robert Hindman on the way to the finals. Robert Hindman is the current points leader in M/M and has one 5 of the events. (I think he gets a healthy check and a new car for being the season points leader) Not sure of the details but I am sure there was some luck involved.

08-22-2004, 02:14 PM
Now I'm starting to question the cost? $110 is starting to loose my interest in being a participant. We'll just have to see. Is there anything that any of us can do to help you when you run? Maybe we can help with a team effort ?

What happened at Speedworld last night? How was the track condition... were there any other cars there worth mentioning?

08-22-2004, 02:20 PM
It would be $110 for Street Stang too. You could always run True Street which is only the $75 entry fee-no membership requirement. It is fun. You do the cruise (they take all kinds of pictures) you come back and do a cool down than 3 runs back to back with no cool down in between.

You would have a good time and maybe get a picture in a mag or something.

As far as Speedworld. Actually the track was not that bad. There was 2-3 sub 10 second cars out playing and a handful of sub 12's. Overall I would say there were no more than 50 cars running so you could have made has many runs as you wanted. The most cars I ever saw in the lanes were 10-12. It was great-no waiting.

I was sticking pretty good and had a couple of 2.0 60 ft times. I have never gotten lower than that. My best ET was 14.07 @ 100.7 so that was pretty depressing considering I was running 13.6's and 7's @ 103 or 104 in December but I expected it to be slow considering the temp and air. My main goal was working on my footwork. I am still trying to figure out what that other brake pedal is for. :??: