View Full Version : Launching automatic?

04-15-2004, 11:23 AM
Good News... no I didn't save a bundle on my car insurance. I went to Speedworld last night. During the first two passes the car hooked up OK. It was about 90 deg.

Bad news... as the night cooled off and the car started making more hp the launch turned into a joke! The mph went up and the times got worse as I spun through first and second?

Are there any suggestions how to avoid the "snail trail" left by the front wheel cars after they drive through the water? The drag strip was so overrun with little matchbox cars the starting line never did dry out. Would it be worth avoiding the groove all together? I always was told that the pavement to the side of the groove was horrible and to avoid it?

What about suggesting to the track that one lane should be for front wheel drive and one lane for rear wheel drive?